Boats and Trailers


  • No boats/jetskis and or trailers are allowed to be parked within the Banana Bay Community.
  • There is no boat launching, nor outdoor  trailer parking/storage within the  Banana Bay Community.  We suggest  Galvez Landing Public Boat Ramp, 5891 Galvez Road, across the Intracoastal waterway from Banana Bay.
  • The Banana Bay Covenants specifically state that “No trailer, mobile home, camper, motorbike, motorcycle, motor scooter, boat, boat trailer, house trailer, truck, tractor or commercial vehicle of any kind, or any other vehicle, machine, equipment or apparatus other than operating passenger automobiles and operating passenger vans (vans are limited to those that are no longer and no wider than American made family automobiles), shall be parked or stored in any driveway, on any Lot or on any of the Common Areas in the Subdivision except in an enclosed garage.”
  • Vehicles will be towed  at the owners expense if  illegally parked.
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Please remember Parking a trailer of any kind on the street or in the guest parking (unless you are unloading) is a violation of the Covenants. Signal 88 Security has been directed to remove any trailers, jet skis, boats or other vehicles parked on any Common Areas within the Subdivision. No exceptions will be made.

The Galvez Landing Public Boat Ramp on Innerarity Point. The Galvez Landing Public Boat Ramp is Government Owned and for General Public use. It has an asphalt parking lot that will accommodate 46 vehicles with trailers.  It's about a 7-minute drive from the front gate of Banana Bay.
Address:  5891 Galvez Road, Pensacola
Website:  Galvez Landing


Galvez Public Landing and Parking

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