Overflow parking for Banana Bay is located on both the east & west sides of the pool. 

In accordance with Article IX, Section 2 of Banana Bay's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, automobiles are not allowed to park on the street for a period exceeding more than 24-hours. 

‚ÄčNo trailer, mobile home, camper, motorbike, motorcycle, motor scooter, boat, boat trailer, house trailer, truck, tractor or commercial vehicle of any kind, or any other vehicle, machine, equipment or apparatus other than operating passenger automobiles and operating passenger vans (vans are limited to those that are no longer and no wider than American made family automobiles), shall be parked or stored in any driveway, on any Lot or on any of the Common Areas in the Subdivision except in an enclosed garage. Violation of this declaration will result in fines/liens to the owner of the property. 

Parking in the street or in an identified tow zone for a period exceeding more than 24 hours will result in the vehicle being towed at the vehicle owner's expense.