• Each home at Banana Bay has a driveway that is capable of parking two vehicles.  Some units within Banana Bay have a garage, which can possibly accommodate 1 additional vehicle.
  • Visiting guests can park in front of the near pool either on Elysian or Valhalla.
  • During the Spring and Summer rental seasons, the residential population of Banana Bay can sometimes double make parking ver difficult.
  • Absolutely no overnight street parking is allowed.
  • Vehicles illegally parked, blocking driveways, fire lanes, or dumpster areas will be towed at owner expense.
  • Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense if illegally parked.
  • Refer to the Parking Restrictions web page for more info on overflow parking & tow zones.
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Security personnel will be enforcing all community parking regulations; including parking on the grass, blocking fire hydrants, overnight street parking, or the parking of trailers, motorcycles, or motor homes onthe streets or common areas. For further guidance on vehicle and parking restrictions please refer to Article X, Section 2 of the Banana Bay HOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.

Be Warned:  Parking enforcement personnel will be utilizing a parking enforcement system called "The Barnacle"  within Banana Bay.  All other vehicles in violation of the Covenants will be towed at the owner's personal expense. 

The Barnacle is a heavy-duty plastic rectangle with suction cups on its underside that can attach to a windshield, effectively cutting off a driver's visibility until they pay a fine over the phone and obtain a release code.

The Barnicle

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