Safety and Security

Community Safety

  • Part of the uniqueness of our community is that it was designed to be user-friendly to pedestrians and beach-goers,  please respect our 10 MPH speed limit and the rules which are posted in all common-use areas.
  • Doors to the pool house/gym should never be propped open.
  • Lock your vehicles and secure your personal belongings.
  • Banana Bay also uses the services Escambia County Law Enforcement Officers to physically monitor the property for your safety and security during the busy seasons.

Video Security

  • The Banana Bay Community uses security cameras throughout the property to assist with crime deterrence.

Physical Security

  • Banana Bay is a gated community with controlled access at the front gate.   Vehicle access through the front gate is accomplished through the use of a keypad for entering individually issued key codes, key fobs, or with the use of a push button remote opener.
  • All of the common area buildings (exercise room and clubhouse utilize magnetic door locks, also accessible with the issued key fob.
  • The safety gates surrounding the pool area utilize magnetic locks and can also be accessed with the use of an authorized key fob.

Gate Codes/Key Fobs/Remotes

  • Upon activation of the security system.  Each home was entitled to receive 4 key fobs.
  • The last 5 digits on the key fob can be entered into the keypad at the front gate to obtain access.
  • An additional 5 digit gate code can be issued to a homeowner, to be utilized by service personnel or delivery services.  These non-key fob numbers are only valid for a 12 month period.  After 12 months the code will expire and a new code will be issued upon request.

Lost or Stolen Key Fobs

  • Owners and residents are requested to immediately report a lost or stolen key fob to via telephone or email message, to our property management team.
  • Replacement key fobs will be issued at a nominal cost to the resident and or homeowner.
  • Additional key fobs or remotes can be requested.  The cost of the additional key fob or remote will be at the owner's or resident's expense.

Please contact Kim Coffey, Etheridge Property Management, (850) 484-2611,, for new or replacement key fobs, remotes, or entrance gate codes.

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