Pests and Your Home

Townhome owners are responsible for pest control within their own dwellings and exclusive use areas, and the Banana Bay Homeowners Association is responsible for pest control affecting areas and buildings in the common areas.

Sometimes there’s no direct cause for pest infestations. Termites in Northeastern Florida are here to stay. Mouse, snake, and fire ant infestations just happen, regardless of how much communities do to dissuade them. 

At Banana Bay termites are active year round and can cause lots of damage. It is important to have your home thoroughly inspected each year.  To help avoid termite infestations, be sure to eliminate any wood to ground contact around your home. Wet or damaged wood surfaces should be removed or repaired immediately.   Leaks around exterior doors and soft wood can be a "come on in" invitation to termites and other creatures.

Hiring a professional maybe  the best way to correctly identify and rid your home of pests, not just force them to stay out of your sight. There are several vendors in the Banana Bay area that can assist you with all of your pest removal issues.

The Formosan subterranean termite was first reported in Florida in early 1980s in Hallandale, Broward County. But it was probably introduced there at least five to 10 years previously. As of 2010, Formosan subterranean termite is found in all major urban areas of Florida. In urban southeastern Florida where the Formosan subterranean termite was first found, its distribution has expanded to include much of the costal areas of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Click this link for the most recent update of Formoson subterranean termite distribution in Florida.


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